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Life or Inspiration

"Chicken or the Egg",

She said...

Staring at the ocean,

Grains of sand inbetwixt his feet.

Seed or the root,

No need to compare.

It was always there...

One organism, one beat.

Reason or Treason?

Saint or devil?

Thoughts that are mute.

At least THAT should be the notion.

Talent V. looks?

Priv-Alleged V. The Damned?

Fame versus the world,

The world against itself.

With every sunrise,

Comes sunset.

With every fog,

Comes a clearing.

Only the Wright beats the wrong,

And only the "weak" are helped by the strong.

There is strength in truth.

There's innocence in youth.

For every root grows a stump.

A base to hold what's to come.

To the branch that holds the leaf,

To the leaf that nourishes the nut.

A squirrel is fed.

A hawk? his nest...

A bird, the bees,

A flower? Indeed!

A mother is earth,


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