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Comfort in knowing.

Plush. Velvet. Soft. Just like you.

Resting easily.


Sat planted. Stern and Steady.


Edge. Cliff. End of road.

Cold, hard pavement awaiting.

Not yet... Let me lie.

Warm, and yet... Subtle.

Divulge, but still secretive?

Welcoming at best.

Longing look of "coy".

Bewildered and shy / Just flushed?

Revelations had.

Cold, and all anger.

Joy and laughter swept beneath.

Wrap me up for sleep.

Again I Travel.

Deeper into your abyss.

Permission granted.

Intimate - your brain.

Unwavering is your body.

The soul in your eyes...

Once more we part ways.

Forgetting the connection.

Feelings reminisce.

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