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Watch ya Merch, Fool!

So, ok... There's still way more to do with all this new merch! Needing to really dive in

and make sure I've done all the pricing right now knowing how this DTC situation is supposed to work. Will definitely need to start all the marketing underway and see if there are any specific items that people are gravitating to...

The hope is that the pricing all works out in a way that is affordable while also giving me a revenue that's more than a couple of bucks.

In a way, I'm more interested in if people will actually purchase my designs. Maybe that's the deprecating artist in me, but also want to make sure I'm not spending more money having an LLC than I actually need to be right now.

Fingers crossed some awesome people will open up their wallets for some great, attractive and usable products.

** PS - there are about another 3-4 creations on the books to create which will be beyond! **

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