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Welcomed Introductions.

Hmmm... What should my first words be? There! Done. We'll roll with that and get straight to introducing you to BG's Artistry & Design. Me!

Hello! My name is Gregory A. Perez, but in some circles, I'm known as BG (aka Black Greg). I know! I know... Think of it like "Fat Amy" of Pitch Perfect. And! Just like Rebel Wilson's character, it was a way to identify those who just may not be right for me and my personality. It also gives people an opportunity to break from the norm by smacking down uncomfortable biases and turning it into an obvious joke. Isn't that "what she said"? Sitting nice and sweet in the awkward. Bonding. Laughing.

"I'm Blue." Self Portrait Circa 2018.

"I have stories for days..."

BG said countless times as he answers the question that always follows... "Uh, OMG, Why!? Was there a White Greg?". A powerful ice-breaker that I will now put to test with blogging. Let's see if I've really got the magic tricks. Here goes!


"From Sketch to 3D Animation." That's how I usually describe my artistic abilities. The need to have examples of my "talents" in one place grows increasingly while I trying to survive the "broke artist" curse. And when applying for an array of positions (all within my wheelhouse), it was crucial for me to have a space to explain myself in a bit more detail.

As of today, it is officially one year and five months to the day that I decided it was time to create my own business. Thanks, COVID19 Pandemic!?!

A continuous challenge for me, is putting a price tag on my art. However, like the idea of blogging and journaling, I figured that I will just have to get over it and step out just a tad more. Can't complain about not being seen when choosing to stay in the dark due to being scared of my own shadow. That's way too reclusive for me.

This site will now act as the hub to my

digital paintings, design, merchandise, sketches, commission inquiries, motion graphics, 2D/3D animations and even my poetry. My hope, is that this helps you (my target employer/client) to getting a better understanding of what I am capable of. Maybe this will also inspire you to purchase something of mine to show your support? In a perfect world, I'd make enough on my art to not have to work 2nd and 3rd jobs to survive. Who knows. Greater things were achieved.

Take a browse, and maybe I'll surprise.

@SolidRoots 2023 Catalog , Pre Production.

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